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Fashion Brand Consultant since 2004 specialising in Chinese market and fascinated by Asian culture.


I work with a pragmatic and focused approach towards product, schedule and market result, but I cherish to have room to dream enjoying my inspirations and style ideas.

I get inspired by all kinds of things that catch my attention, though mainly by art.

I design and develop collection projects in my Casa-Atelier in Italy following up on all the project phases both online and travelling frequently to China to work face to face with the team.


Brainstorming is very important for me to enter a discussion with the team and exchange opinions to take us to higher levels.

I am quite selective in offering my consultancy services to brands that want to change their game.

My goal is to define and consolidate brand image and style to ensure its appeal, through rebranding or just refreshing the label.

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Via G.Marconi, 4 - 42015 Correggio (RE)

P.I. 02746090352 | elena@elenamarchesini.it

+39 3496597440